Bolognese cuisine

Family recipes since 1868

This third edition is being published almost 130 years from the start of business by the historical Paolo Atti & Figli company, and is more than just a manual of recipes. It is the document of an era of dining, featuring Bologna. Atti, which is still in its original position in Via Caprarie 7 and Via Drapperie 6, is an authentic institution in Bologna, guardian of a fundamental part of its culinary tradition, a delicious tradition made up of bread, cakes, fresh pasta rolled by hand every morning and deli. Even just reading these recipes, and focusing on ingredients and doses, you can find out how Bolognese cuisine has changed over the decades, in tune with the changing lifestyle of the last century. This volume contains two innovations, the 24 unpublished recipes in the section entitled "Un pranzo a casa Atti" and the chapter on "Zirudèle bolognesi (1900-2008)", dedicated by famous dialect poets of the past and contemporary singers to Paolo Atti & Figli and the family that has firmly held its reins for a century. This demonstrates that the tradition of zirudèle, the witty and clever rhyming poems in Bolognese dialect, remain a cultural heritage of Bologna that is still vital, as is the rest of its cuisine. The book can be found in the best bookshops in Italy, also in English version.