The flavour of bread

In our bakery we start making bread at 4 in the morning and we go on uninterruptedly until 1 p.m. In the afternoon our oven starts working again to bake the "second batch" of fresh bread for the evening. Inside our bakery, production is regulated by a strict organisation of work, according to the size of the various types of bread and their cooking time.
The Paolo Atti & Figli company has always followed step by step the preferences of Bolognese people in the last 150 years, and as it has adapted to new fashion trends, introducing regional and international breads alongside the typically Bolognese production of olive oil bread - montasù, mustafà, crocette, ragnini, tierine, spighe and code di rondine.
In addition to Bologna breads, the bakery produces every day Viennese bread, Turin bread and French baguettes, Arab bread, Swiss braid, Tuscan and Apulian bread, as well as hand-made Turin breadsticks, classic and large breadsticks.
This great variety is complemented by bread enriched with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, oregano, raisins, vegetables, and nuts.