Romano Bonaga, Bolognese Marketing

Un uomo, una fede, uno stile di vita

A book dedicated to Romano Bonaga ("Paolo Atti & Figli") author of the famous advertisements on the shop windows in via Caprarie and Drapperie

A book dedicated to Romano Bonaga, who died in 2009, entrepreneur of bread – at the helm of the "Paolo Atti & Figli" company with his wife Anna Maria – and president of Associazione Panificatori di Bologna for 40 years. Bonaga was not only active in the public life in the city for many years, but he was also a wise and shrewd marketing man. The book, written by journalist Beatrice Spagnoli, is divided into three sections: the first is dedicated to Romano Bonaga, author of unmistakeable Bolognese advertisements, witnessing traditional Bologna. The second part tells who Romano was, both as a protagonist of urban life and in his own private life, a man of faith and values, ​​such as friendship. Finally, the book collects some testimonies of people who got to know him, friends, customers, members of institutions, Cuisine academicians and representatives of the world of art.
author: Beatrice Spagnoli
published by Grafiche dell'Artiere
cover price: 20 euro